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Champi is set to be the next social meeting place for dinner and drinks. We strive to deliver authentic and unique South East Asian cuisine inspired by grandmother's recipe. Our inspiration originates from grandmother's little home town Champi, a province South Western Laos situated in the boarders of Thailand and Cambodia, where you can only get to by a Tailboat.


We will take you on our journey back to authenticity and simplicity, sharing with you our childhood experiences and deliver flavours that you have never tried before.


The vibrant childhood memories of catching fresh produce from our little farm, picking fresh herbs from the garden and grilling our meals over charcoal fire. Our aim is to not change the flavours of South East Asian Food but to bring the authentic bold flavours to our Canberran's palate. Our food will be vibrant, colourful, packed with herbs and chillies, and the combination of fresh ingredients are guaranteed to thrill your taste buds. 

17 Kennedy Street, Kingston 2604

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